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Our Business Research

Social research/Marketing research

Adams Communications offers all types of social research and marketing research services. For about 40 years since our establishment, we have been striving continuously to improve know-how, accuracy and precision, especially in telephone research. Our research quality, experience, and size are widely recognized both inside and outside of Japan, and receive favorable reviews from a variety of our clients, such as corporations, other research companies, mass media, think tanks in the research business, or advertising agencies.

Available services
Telephone research
Online research
Central Location Test (CLT)
Home Use Test (HUT)
Focus group interviews
Mail surveys
Door-to-door surveys
Mixed-mode surveys
Mystery shoppers
Number of booths
We have a total of 200 booths at 3 centers as of May, 2017

A wealth of experience in telephone research

elephone research addresses various fields or themes with the number of projects totaling approximately 350 per year.
We deal with:-B2B (business-to-business) surveys (targeting corporations)
-Speedy collection of large samples
-Data collection from ‘hard-to-reach’ individuals or groups
-Complicated setting of sample distribution,
and more.

Experienced interviewers and training/management system

Our interviewers have accumulated extensive research experience and have developed the ability to understand their tasks quickly, execute them, and respond flexibly according to the situation. Currently, over 150 interviewers are regularly or constantly at work, out of which more than 80 percent have experience exceeding 5 years as an interviewer. These professional research interviewers are equipped with sufficient experience and skills enabling us to meet our clientsユ various research needs, and they are the most valuable asset for Adams Communications.

Systematization of operations with CATI

We have utilized Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), which is a computer system designed exclusively for telephone research, from an early stage. All of our telephone booths are now CATI ready.

-Questionnaires are programmed in advance so that interviewers can conduct a survey smoothly even if the structure of a questionnaire is complicated.
-Logical checks are also carried out while the survey is conducted. The interviewer can ask a respondent about any consistencies found in the survey straight away, which leads to improvement in data accuracy.
-The sequence of questions and response alternatives can be rotated or randomized on the screen easily, and it helps eliminate bias that may arise by the flow of questions.
-Interviewers directly input answers to computers so that data can be submitted soon after the survey.
-We use Web Survey Creator (WSC), globally renowned software.

RDD method for accuracy improvement

Random Digit Dialing (RDD) is a method to randomly dial phone numbers consisting of random digits generated on computers. This method allows us to make calls even to phone numbers not listed in the telephone directory, contributing to more accurate survey results. The RDD method can be used for mobile phones for which the telephone directory is usually not available.

Mixed-frame surveys―Landlines and mobile phones

We made the RDD for mobile phones fit for practical use in addition to the existing one for landlines through many years of experimentation and trials in order to extend coverage to young people and people who do not use landlines. We are further working on the development of a system using mobile applications in research, balanced sampling, mixed-mode surveys among several methods, including telephone, internet, and mail.